Your personal web browser Shopper 21 protects your privacy, while simplifying and speeding up your web surfing experience.

  • Use anywhere without losing progress - launch browser from your own USB flash drive or SD card and keep all files, history, cookies, and databases always with you.
  • No installation. Just plug into USB (or SD card) port.
  • All browser settings are recorded to the same USB flash drive (or SD card). All downloaded files by default are stored on the same personal media. This lets you keep your files always with you, regardless of the computer or device.
  • Browser supports multiple independent launches from different folders. This allows you to have multiple independent sets of history, cookies, databases, downloads etc. if you wish.
  • Designed for Windows 10. Can be launched from USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 flash drives, SD and "micro SD" card through a port or card reader. Can download directly to your devices, too.

Other features

Developing this browser, we were surprised at how many opportunities were missed by the developers of other web browsers, which mostly repeat functionality of each other. In addition to the standard features, we created many new, useful functions and features to save you time and increase productivity. Some of these new features are currently patent-pending.
  • Built-in: Ads blocker / .PDF export / Screenshotter / Spell checker.
  • Save and load groups of tabs, export to files, and share with your friends or team members. For example, you can open several tabs, save them as a configuration and share this configuration with your friends. They will see the same tabs on their computer, opened at about the same page positions and with the same zoom factors as you have.
  • Schedule different groups of tabs for morning, business hours, evening hours, weekends etc.
  • Search Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia and YouTube without opening their web sites manually.
  • One of the fastest web browsers for Windows 10*. In addition to excellent browser speed, the patent-pending HyperTouch™ technology allows you to navigate online stores many times faster than most other browsers.
  • Accumulate quotes from various web pages together.
  • Combine fragments of documents from most Windows applications (MS Word, Notepad, MS Excel, Paint, File Explorer, other web browsers, etc.)
  • Review the Visual History™ of your visits using screenshots. Search your history of visits by dates and keywords.
  • Split screen and navigate the web-pages by hovering your mouse (no clicking needed).
  • Since the Shopper 21 web browser can open group of web sites in one click it also supports Presets - the thematically arranged groups of websites. You can freely download presets dedicated to a specific subject, such as News, Health, Home, etc. in just one click.
  • Private window. "Do Not Track" option. Images remover.
  • One-click searches for highlighted terms in Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Google, Bing, YouTube etc.
  • Customizable color schemes, tooltips and tab headers layout.
Platform(s): Windows 10. 32-bit / 64-bit
Details and videos**
* USB 3 recommended; ** Speed of Shopper21 in videos may differ from the speed on your computer; *** Two images are covered by "Free for commercial use" license.

Explore Shopper 21 and watch videos demonstrating its features


Quick start, efficient user interface, patent-pending HyperTouch™ technology, and the Chromium engine all together make Shopper 21 lightning fast and allow you to navigate online stores many times faster than most browsers.

The same advantages in speed are also great for reading online news, research projects, student research, etc.


Shopper 21 has a very simple, convenient and powerful interface. For example, you will be able to:
  • arrange tabs as you wish,
  • re-open webpages exactly as they were set at the end of the last session (including zoom and positions on pages),
  • search the Internet directly from the Address field using the search engine you choose,
  • export fragments or entire pages to PDF or MS Word (experimental feature),
  • screenshot pages, proofread online letters etc.


Shopper 21 is designed to protect you from various Internet threats without sacrificing your privacy.
  • It validates the safety of every page you are about to visit privately on your PC using our massive database of malware websites.
  • It warns you in advance about problems with webpage security of the webpage which you are about to visit via an https:// connection
  • It also has a powerful built-in Parental control, Ads suppressor and auto-updates security definitions to keep your protection always current.


Shopper 21 introduced new patent-pending technology that allows users to treat all opened tabs as an entire group.

With this technology, you will be able to:

  • save tabs (with specified zoom and view positions) to Configurations and open them later,
  • save these configurations as a shareable file,
  • create and use Home Configuration instead of the Home page,
  • schedule Home Configurations by day and time (for example, news from several websites for morning, YouTube for evening time, etc.)

Quoting and .PDF/.DOC* export

Shopper 21 allows you to save and quote webpages, and export to .PDF or .DOC*
  • Quoter™ will quote and combine descriptions of products and fragments from webpages/websites.
  • MagicCopy™ will quote fragments of documents from other web browsers as well as most Windows applications (MS Word, Notepad, MS Excel, Paint, etc.)
  • You will also be able to export to .PDF or .DOC* website fragments or entire web pages including created by Quoter™
*Experimental feature


Shopper 21 has many features to protect your privacy while you are online.
  • The Anonymous window allows you to browse the Internet without leaving traces on your PC.
  • Local validation of visited websites stops addresses of your visits from being sent outside.
  • The "Do Not Track" option requests websites to not track you.
  • VisualHistory™ allows you to configure the recordings of secured pages and individual web sites as you desire.
  • Cleaning of browsing/download history, saved form fields, cookies, temporary files, etc., can be easily done at any time manually.
  • If you share your computer with other people each user account will have their own set of bookmarks, website history, etc.


Shopper 21 has many options to customize browser appearance.
  • Tab headers. You will be able to place tab headers into one line and shrink website descriptions, or you will be able to place tab headers into multiple lines and not truncate their descriptions.
  • Color schemes. Users can choose one of six color themes, including "Aero", "Classic", "Luna Metallic", "Royal", etc.
  • ToolTips. You will also be able to choose the font style, font color, font size and background color for ToolTips.
  • If you share your computer with others, each of you will be able to choose their own color configuration when logging on to Windows.

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