Is Shopper 21 faster than other web browsers?

Test it yourself. Simply open the web-site (an online browser speed checker), with your current browser and then with Shopper 21 and compare the results.
And keep in mind that in addition to regular browser functions Shopper 21 allows you to use Hypertouch™, which speeds up the navigation within web sites by several times.

Where I can install Shopper 21?

You do not need even to install it. Simply plug USB stick (or SD card) with Shopper 21 to any computer running Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit) and launch applpication. You can also copy folder with Shopper 21 to hard drive of your PC running Windows 10. In this case browser will run from your hard drive.

Where are the files with my created quotes (documents, screenshots, etc.) stored?

To open their location simply RIGHT-click the corresponding menu-item.

I do not have MS Word on my machine. Can I still export web pages to MS Word?

Yes. You can export pages or their fragments to .doc and .pdf formats without MS Word and .pdf writers.

How do I combine descriptions of products from different web pages or web browsers?

  1. If you are using only Shopper 21 - highlight the content of interest, right click the mouse and select "Quote Selection".
  2. If you wish to combine descriptions of products from other browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) select "Magic Copy" from the main menu, highlight the content of interest in any browser and select Copy, or press Ctrl+C.
    Note: You can use the "Magic Copy" feature to copy content not only from browsers, but also from almost any other Windows documents: .pdf, MS Word, Paint, Windows Explorer etc.

Can I save/export combined pages?

Yes. Right-click the page with selected quotes and select "Save page as" to export to .pdf, MS Word format, .rtf etc.

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