The Shopper 21 web browser allows you to open groups of web sites in one click. With this technology, you can also view thematically arranged groups of websites called Presets.

You can freely download presets dedicated to a specific subject, such as News, Health, Home, etc. Most of web sites presented here are selected from the top 500 of the world's most popular web sites, according to rankings. Simply click the preset using the Shopper 21 browser and enjoy hundreds of web sites pre-grouped for specific subject you wish to explore.
Watch what Presets can do for you

Please note, only our browser Shopper 21 can open the presets with one click. You can download it directly from this page.

Platform(s): Windows 10. 32-bit / 64-bit

If you wish to add your web site to presets – please contact us using the form below.

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